We have sold all of the puppies from our 2018 litter.  Ginger will be bred again in March of 2019 and we are looking for a stud at this time.  We are currently taking names and contacts for reserving pups from that litter.  If you’re interested please contact us.  Thanks!

Lively Little Hunters

Small dogs, with amazing heart.  These English Cocker Spaniels are well bred field variety dogs.  They flush, they retrieve, and live to please.  You won’t find a better family pet or hunting companion.  They are a joy to have in your life.

LLH News:

About our dogs

All three of our dogs are wonderful family pets as well as great hunters.  They love to quarter the ground ahead of us while we are out in the Montana mountains after grouse.  If you get the chance to take an English Cocker hunting you’ll understand why we call them Lively Little Hunters- they are a joy to be with and their personality and love for life is infectious.  

Read this great article in Shooting Sportsman by Roger Catchpole: The Cocker Craze

A few facts about English Cocker Spaniels.  

There are two varieties- Show and Field.  We raise Field dogs.  They tend to have less silky hair, and are bred for their hunting abilities, not their show style.

Shedding-and the lack of it.  As a former Labrador owner/lover I know about dog hair and the mess that comes with it.  My dogs are on my bed and furniture with only minimal shedding ever found.  If I notice it increases, it’s time for a trim.  This is one of the reasons I will always have these dogs!  

Maintenance.  I mentioned trimming above.  Cocker hair does grow long, and I trim my dogs regularly.  A close cut shave over the head and back all year, with shorter leg, belly and ear trims during hunting season.  Cheat grass and burrs are not friends of this breed.  

Feeding. My dogs are fed Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food.  We purchase this from Bridger Animal Nutrition in Bozeman and highly recommend them!

Exercise.  They have energy to hunt and hike all day- so plan to make sure they get exercise.  Following a careful diet and daily walks or retrieving will keep them fit and ready to go for hunting season.  

Our pups are from an AKC registered litter, and we will provide all information for registering your puppy upon purchase.  We will provide a vet exam, regular worming and first shots at 8 weeks.  We have evaluated the bloodlines of both the stud and bitch to assure there is no in-line breeding.  The pups will be for sale for $1200.   We require a deposit and a signed puppy contract prior to sale.  We are very concerned that these dogs go to good home therefore we reserve the right to inspect a prospective buyer’s home to evaluate the ability to care for the puppy, and refuse sale to anyone.  

These dogs are great hunters, but even more wonderful companions.  If you are interested in adding a lively pup to your home please contact us for more information.  406-589-6660 or Contact

Beautiful female english cocker spaniel wet from retrieving in water front view

Blue Chip Montana Ginger

Ginger is our breeding female.  Born on Valentines Day, 2014.  Full black in color, with a lovely coat and full tail.  She is loving, sweet and full of energy.  She lives for retrieving, and will bring back anything you throw or hide for her on land or the water.  

beautiful male english cocker spaniel


The World’s Best Dog- as far as we’re concerned.  Teddy is a neutered male,  out of Alisandra of Hauser.  He is black and white, with a lovely coat that is silky and somewhat curly when long.  Teddy has unbelievable athletic ability and drive.  He will hunt and swim until he can’t move.  He flies off the rocks to enter the water after dummies and never gives up when hunting for a bird.  He loves to please and is the ultimate family dog.  Teddy is neutered, but the best uncle Ginger’s pups could have.  

allie_english cocker field spaniel

Alisandra of Hauser

Ali is the mother of Teddy, and owned by our parents.  Our dogs are often together and we consider her a part of our English Cocker family.  Ali is a liver-colored female, born in 2005.  She came to us from Jay Parrish and Blue Chip Kennels in Iowa.  She was the first English Cocker in our family, and started our deep love for the breed.  Ali has been a wonderful hunter and companion for my parents.  She is extremely well mannered and quiet.  She is a wonderful hunter and still gets out after birds with us at the age of 12.  She has a cute little yip call when she gets on a bird scent.