The Mayr Family
Lively Little Hunters is not a kennel.  We are a family that has owned and raised English Cockers for the past 14 years.  We live in Bozeman, Montana. We love this breed and know it’s so hard to find them in the West, so we decided to breed our female Ginger. 
Our dogs are family dogs, which get light hunting experience- meaning we get them out a few weekends a year to hunt grouse or pheasants.  Ginger does come from a good hunting background and she’s definitely got a good nose for birds.  
We have had such great feedback on our puppies and we appreciate keeping in touch with LLH puppy families.  We have retired from breeding dogs.  We do have contacts with male English Cocker Spaniels that would be excellent stud dogs.  We also always refer people to Jay Parrish and Blue Chip Kennels in Iowa.  That is where we got Ginger and Ali, and Jay raises wonderful dogs.    
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