English cocker spaniel puppies are here!

On December 26 Ginger gave birth to SIX beautiful English cocker spaniel puppies.  We h ave three females and three males.  One male is liver color the rest are black with a varying amount of white on their chests.

Everyone is doing great!  One black male pup is still available for sale.  They go to their new families in late February.


Our Litter of English Cocker Spaniel Puppies is coming soon!

English Cocker Spaniel Field Variety Puppies for Sale

Ginger is due to have her puppies between December 24-26th- Christmas Puppies!  They’ll be ready to go to new homes the last week of February.  Please call 406-589-6660 if you’re interested in a puppy.  We’ll know how many we’re having in mid-December.

Ginger is getting a puppy belly!

Ginger Pregnant English Cocker Spaniel Female

Trimming an English Cocker field spaniel yourself

I’ve had some requests for information on how to trim English Cocker Field Spaniels.  I finally remembered to record a video the last time I trimmed Ginger, so here they are.

I’ve been trimming my dogs myself for over 20 years- since my sister had an American Cocker Spaniel back in the early 90’s.  I am NOT fussy when it comes to how my dogs look but I like them clean and cute.  If you want a perfect trim and style for your dogs, by all means use a good groomer.  I just prefer to save money, get the job done, and keep the burrs out of their hair and my house.

I’ve got three videos here- the second is the bulk of the how-to trimming portion.  The first and third are good if this is your first time trimming a dog, or if you’re a new dog owner.

If you have any questions please let me know via the contact form.  Thanks!  Lorelyn


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