English Cocker Spaniel Male Available for Breeding Services

Sir Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon (Frankie) is an amazing hunting dog now available for stud services.  Owned by John Byorth of Livingston, MT, he is a puppy from Ginger and Trigger (2017).  If you have an AKC registered female English Cocker Spaniel you would like bred, or you are interested in a puppy from a future litter of Frankie’s, we will get you in touch with owners of females he is bred with.  

We are so happy he is going to keep our line of Lively Little Hunters going strong.  

Photos of Frankie taken in August 2020:


Sir Francis Bacon

Our puppies are almost five weeks old!

The puppies started eating puppy food mixed to be soft with water this week.  They love it!  Everyone is right around 4 pounds now.  There is only 0.5# difference in weights between the largest and smallest pup so they are all doing great!  

They wiggle and move around so much, I tried to get photos as best I could.  They are now spending some play time in our living room each day.  It won’t be long until they get to see what snow is all about. 

Puppies will be able to go to their new homes after Feb 26th.  

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