What a beautiful Puppy!

We love to hear from owners of our puppies!  This update came from Dana, who has one of Ginger’s pups born in November of 2017.  Regarding her puppy, who is 4 months old at the time this is written.

Emmy is everything I had hoped for in a dog. She is bright, confident, energetic, curious, outgoing and very teachable.
We’ve been to puppy school and plan to continue. She is very smart and catches on quickly. It’s down to me keeping us on it! No end to what she can learn with a good teacher. I have not tested her hunting chops but the way she carries around certain toys tells me they’re in there. “
“She is also extremely playful and has not met a dog of any size or age she is not willing to have fun with. I absolutely love this about her. “
“She is a good spirit and very talkative although she barks very rarely – thank goodness.”
“She has done very well with the horses. Got the hang of it fast and now keeps the correct distance and proper respect and refrains from barking – a big one. And she plays well with the kitty. “
“I couldn’t be more pleased with her. She is growing up perfectly and now weighs 16.5 lbs. “- Dana
English Cocker Spaniel Puppy from Lively Little Hunters Litter_emmy_March_2018
Emmy, 4 months old, from Ginger's litter 2017.

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